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About Dodi Kassorla

Project manager in the construction industry, with extensive experience and knowledge in the construction and contracting. David is widely regarded as a leader in the field of project management, due to the fact that it was the field through contract work and know every detail that could affect the project.

Over the years, David has chosen to focus on project management in the construction industry in private, when the work process begins at a personal meeting with the customer, understanding their needs, requirements and expectations with which he comes to the project. Professionalism and peace of mind to radiate boilers at any point during the project, ensuring customer peace and security in the process. At the end of the first phase and the approval to go to work, my uncle met with different professionals, coordinating customer requirements with the various parties, building a work plan and provides a detailed schedule for the client.

For years he has, Ksorlh, experience in project management in the construction industry and is now worried about providing peace and tranquility to its customers during the project. Sometimes, finds himself Uncle, advises spouses for the challenging process they go through. For this process is often accompanied by conflicts between partners and dealing with situations that can be predicted in advance.

David Ksorlh is a project manager during the procedure accompaniment, care budget, quality professionals and professional work of high quality finish and of course without compromising the quality of the result. David believes that the provision of peace and security of its customers will lead to their satisfaction.
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